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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Helene and I finally got an afternoon in the Milwaukee Art Museum. The 20,000 works are displayed in one of the most unusual venues in the art world. My humble words could never convey the scale and impact of architect Santiago Calatrava’s  masterpiece. Facing the bright blue of Lake Michigan’s west coast, the beaming white bow of the building boasts wings, yes wings that lift from the side exterior walls in the opening hour of the museum until the closing hour when the wings gracefully return over the walls. An architectural must see for art lovers.
After hours in and around the magnificent building through the soft curving interior walls we took photos of the building sculpture until it was time to go. On our return ride back to the southwest side of metropolitan Chicago, we played the game of naming all the art museums we have been so fortunate to have experienced. The list grew quite long as we headed south around Chicago. We got so engrossed in our little game we missed a crucial fork in the road and traveled east instead amid five lanes of busy traffic. The Willis (Sears) tower kept getting closer and closer. We turned on the mighty GPS and let the miracle of the modern age get us not so lost.
The art and architecture of the Milwaukee Art Museum should be on your list of great places to view and become part of the grander human experiences. See pictures of the museum below the blog posts.
To know the impact of the structure another valued architect, Rosolini, once said: "Don't watch the building. Watch the face of the people coming to the building."
Enjoy the art around you,

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