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Friday, August 31, 2012

Cycling Salamander Gallery Artists Reception Tops

We just returned home from a big weekend of travel and visiting art venues around the state. The highlight was an opening show at the Cycling Salamander art gallery just south of Charlevoix, Michigan. Years ago the gallery was a pottery studio of potter extraordinaire, Bonnie Staffel.  The building has a funky rambling charm that comes with years of creating art. The owner is a gracious and talented artist, Rebecca, who put together a cohesive and stunning show around the theme of Ancient Forests.  The turnout was great as well as the food and live music.

Rebecca, owner of Cycling Salamander, and buddy John
If you are in the Traverse City/ Charlevoix area this fall stop and see the Ancient Forests’ show as well as all the interesting items in the gallery and say hello to Rebecca.

Art show receptions are unique events in the entertainment world. We think of the image of the large urban shows with people holding a glass of wine gathered in little groups to study the details of a particular work. I have been fortunate to be involved with a little different image through the kind work of volunteers in community galleries such as Shiawassee Art Center in Owosso, Michigan,  that includes classical piano and super finger snacks along with, of course, very good art in several gallery rooms throughout the building.

The Mid-Michigan Art Guild shows are presented in various places in the Greater Lansing Michigan community: Framers Edge in Okemos, Michigan, Absolute Gallery in beautiful Old Town Lansing, 1212 Gallery and Delta Library in west Lansing, always with flare and good snacks. One of my favorite featured artist shows was at the Hope Borbas Library Gallery a few years ago. Again, good food provided by classy volunteers. This show stands out for me because of the patrons who were willing to talk about the creative process of art.
After the working trip Up North, I was home again in the studio trying to get inspired to paint. To encourage the process I was perusing art magazines in hope of getting the creative juices flowing. In an old Art Calendar Magazine, June 2010 (now known as Professional Artist Magazine), I read an article on “14 Tips For Creating Outstanding Art Events”. It was a good read and matched up well to the really fine art opening at Cycling Salamander.

The art input for the weekend did help get the paint flowing again. Tapping into a vision/dream another unusual painting materialized thanks to all the stimulation.

The next big art event in Michigan is ArtPrize . Keep reading the joelfellisart blogs and we’ll explore this unique art adventure together!


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