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Monday, November 19, 2012

Giving Original Art

Gift giving season is fast approaching. I was watching customers recently in the fine art of shopping. My observations, though not scientific, sure were fun to see how the shopper goes about the process of picking out their prizes. Most people picked up and felt for quality and held it up to the light to get a better look-see. In art shows the potential buyer walks around and among the art, hands behind their back like a Norman Rockwell painting trying not to touch the art work. Wouldn't it be fun to have an art show that encouraged the handling and hefting of the art pieces? 
We all have the experience of giving what we hope, is a thoughtful gift, followed by a gnawing feeling that the gift was, well in the dark recesses of the recipients abode, i.e. closet. Take heart. Just tell yourself it was given in the spirit of whatever makes you feel better and good luck next time.
Speaking of the spirit of giving, we went to the dedication and opening of the new Broad Art Museum on the Michigan State University campus. The dignitaries were replete, the atmosphere was charged with excitement as we all waited to get our first look inside this very unusual building which in itself is a grand piece of art. This is quite a gift to give, all forty million dollars’ worth of hope and encouragement for the arts into the future for generations to come.
Here’s hoping Eli and Edyth Broad Art Museum will continue to shine and stand out as a beacon for the arts for many years.
            Though many of us don’t have the big bucks to give like some fortunate folks, don’t lose your artistic eye, and keep shopping for that special gift. As we shop this season we hope you will stay positive and give original art a chance to make someone happy.

Happy holiday, 
On Hold  16x20  oil on canvas. Boats caught in ice, Lake Michigan
Snowy Ridge  18x24  acrylic on canvas

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