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"For the last 20 year period I've been working with ideas conceived as a child." -Red Grooms

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Inspired by Life

Sand Waves, recent winner Okemos

     Inspiration, just where does it come from? It most likely varies from person to person but for me that creative nudge comes from a variety of stimuli.

     We have traveled over much of North America to bring home photos that fill three shoe boxes, along with their accompanying funny stories. Niagara Falls, over many visits, has created at least two paintings. The sunsets, lo the many sunsets, has garnered their own section in yea old shoebox.

Red Bluff 30x40 
     Paintings like Red Bluff and Sand Waves, just to mention a few, were inspired by the mysteries of defusing evening light. Summer dune walks, and a few winter walks too have helped to put paint to canvas. The summer dune walks are the easiest to walk and paint. Sand in sandals is a lot more pleasant than snow penetrating old boots.

      For me, as a painter, I sometimes need a push to get motivated as the fore mentioned sunsets, but sometimes it is a technique in the process of painting that gets the paint flying.

Gravity 16x20 oil on canvas
     A few years ago a big dribble of paint slid down the canvas creating a free streak sending a big WOW echoing out of the studio. So I did what all artists do when having fun. I went with the slow rolling run of paint sliding down the perfect white canvas. To paraphrase Picasso – you can’t create until you destroy the white surface.

     So for me the birth of a new technique was born. Sometimes the creative stimuli is the expectation of a new method of applying paint such as the big dribble. And so the fun begins bringing with it a new path to explore and a new series of images.

      We all have heard about renowned art communities- the Impressionists, the Hudson River School, the Group of Seven - and their valuable contribution to the art world through the mixing and blending of their dialog between the members. Being in an artistry environment can also stimulate the work of artists.

     Museums and galleries are favorite haunts of the art creator to keep the creative energy flowing.    
So what inspires you to do your art? Could it be your shoebox of photo memories, that special sunset or the new technique that keeps you going on to the next challenge? Maybe it is visiting your favorite museums and galleries and adding new ones to keep the ideas fresh. 

     As the  sculptor, Louise Nevelson, reminded us, “Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind.” Whatever inspires you, I hope you keep creating.