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"For the last 20 year period I've been working with ideas conceived as a child." -Red Grooms

Friday, May 19, 2023

Why We Make Art

It’s been awhile since I have been at the blog and a lot has taken place for all of us. For me, the art

Quest 40x30

world has begun to recover from the pandemic with all of our routines coming back to our daily activities. Art shows and summer art events are beginning to pop-up making life brighter and just plain old fun again. We are sure to tell stories about the Covid event that changed us for years to come.

Many artists have experienced the awakening effects and the renewed tingle of joy for what we are called to do. I know this is clumsy, but the hardest task artists try is to explain why we make art. If you ever get a chance to ask the why question most will give a well-rehearsed answer. Let’s not go too far but think of the child we were a few years ago.  Some of us were labeled creative or arty when we just liked to draw, or paint or construct things or find ourselves in other creative arts - writing, music, theater. Anyway, we are here on this wonderful earth to enjoy and protect. We must use the gifts we have to support that overall good and continue to experience that tingle of joy at what has been created.     – Joel  Here comes Summer 2023, places to see Joel Ellis Art

My journey in the fine arts continues with new and exciting venues. Most recently we selected 20 larger favorite paintings for an installation on the main floor of The Armory in Owosso, Michigan. The works exhibited are part of the Michigan ArtShare project for art conversations both urban and rural. The Owosso Armory, at 215 N. Water St. in Owosso, is open week days from 9 to 5, on weekends when special events are scheduled.

The Owosso Armory show is planned to transfer my paintings on June 13th to another Urban Rural conversation site from Michigan ArtShare: Art634 in Jackson, Michigan, a fine venue supporting the arts. This show will be a shared art experience exhibiting my paintings along with the works of Timothy Orikri in a historic renovated building (once said to be a circus wagon factory)

Jackson is a unique and vital community support venue for the arts and artists. Watch for future updates.

Glacial Gift 36x36
Other travels of Joel Ellis Art include Owosso’s beautiful Shiawassee Art Center (SAC) overlooking the park along the Shiawassee River. SAC is filled in several galleries with one of a kind watercolors, oil and acrylic paintings, metal sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, photography. SAC center for the arts is a delight of creative stimulation. I was happy to see my large colorful painting, Glacial Gift, in view from the entrance to the art center clear into the main gallery. The painting is an homage to my long time interest in Geology. This membership show will be up until early July.

Stately Season 30x24

McLaren Physicians Building on Lake Lansing Road is also an ongoing source of viewing skilled art from local artists including two of my works this summer. 

We Are Stardust 36x36