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"For the last 20 year period I've been working with ideas conceived as a child." -Red Grooms

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Michigan Autumn Renewed

It all started with a trip to visit a gallery that has carried my work for years.  The day was sunny and bright and we thought we might get a little beach time. After a few hours of driving and straining to see the traffic I turned myself in to Helene and had to confess not being able to see with much confidence for the last few months. That meant no driving or at best very little.
Autumn Dune Eve, 12x16, oil on linen

After many hours watching Northern Michigan pass by in a blur I knew the decision was for the best but what would be next on this journey of surprises? The eye doctor was soon contacted and the testing began in earnest.  Bright lights, eye drops and eye charts revealed double cataracts, one far advanced and needing to be corrected soon.

The date was set and we tried not to think too much about the pre-surgery scary medical stuff, all of what could happen and think of the positive good that is expected. The twelve hour fast before going was hanging over our heads so we watched a movie, The Verdict. This classic Paul Newman movie turned out to be a big mistake because the film was about a patient dying during surgery.  With much trepidation we arrived for the big event. The staff moved through their process and soon the drug put me to sleep.

A few hours later with a big metal-looking patch on the eye and a bag of eye drops we headed home. The patch had little holes in it so I could sneak a peek at the world through the new eye.  It was beautiful and bright with much more depth and clarity then before the surgery. Just how would this brighter world of better sight affect my art?

For one thing my paintings on our walls seemed new to me. The subtle colors danced and played on the surface giving a new life to old friends. So, how would the work be affected when I got back to painting?  A few days later, the paints went to canvas with remarkable ease. When the painting was completed, the vibrant colors became a celebration, a gift of good vision. 
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Touch of Gold, 15x20, oil on canvas, Great Lakes series

Here’s to clear vision,