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"For the last 20 year period I've been working with ideas conceived as a child." -Red Grooms

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Vincent VanGogh and Artists Unknown

Helene and I often look at a piece of art and say we wish we knew the history, the life that it could tell, the creator’s hand, its travels to our time and place. Of course we realize that our own creations are also on their own journey.

Over these many years we have often “rescued” other artists’ works from thrift stores and property sales. In bringing these works into our own environment we have tried to protect them for a time from the ravages of their journey, pondering the art pieces path to this precarious position.

When we go to an estate sale we recognize and respect the home owner’s efforts of their life’s adventure. Their story is often told in their things, including art works, on sale in their homes.

A few years ago we went to a sale that blew us away by the sheer number of paintings lined up on a damp cement basement floor each at minimal prices. As we looked at each one, still life objects on canvas, portrait drawings, we knew we were having a rare moment. Our inquiries were simply answered that the artist passed away with only a disinterested family member far away. The artist did not try to sell paintings during her lifetime. We bought arm loads, cleaned the mildew and growing mold and carefully stored them until their story might continue into the future.

Every active artist ponders their works and wonders what will happen to their pieces on shelves, in cupboards, and stacked under beds. Who will take that second look and maybe say, well done artist, I hope you had a life fulfilled.

First Light 30x40 acrylic, currently at MEDC

I am back to painting and feeling great. We are very pleased that Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) recognizes Michigan artists as a part of their mission of economic development. Currently, arranged through Michigan ArtShare, I have 14 paintings on the main floor of the MEDC building, 300 N. Washington, Lansing. MEDC is open week days during regular business hours.

In addition, I also have two paintings in the McLaren Physicians Building, Lake Lansing Rd., Lansing Michigan. I also have submitted a few paintings at the beautiful Shiawassee Art Center, Owosso Michigan. It feels so good to be back producing and sharing paintings.

One of the most inspiring events of last year was a trip to Detroit Art Institute to see over 70 public and private masterpieces of the one and only Vincent VanGogh. This wonderful exhibition is only shown at the DIA and only here in the U.S. until January 22. We hope you will try to get to the show within the few days remaining.

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Here Today 16x20 acrylic

Purple Dunes 16x20 acrylic painted edge