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"For the last 20 year period I've been working with ideas conceived as a child." -Red Grooms

Friday, October 28, 2016

Joel F. Ellis Interprets Autumn

Glory Ridge 14x18  oil on board
       The Seasons in Michigan do change we keep telling ourselves after a very long and hot summer that we thought would never end. Color is in the trees. For those of us who enjoy the seasons, this is a glorious time of year and can inspire us to really see the beauty all around us. All regions of this beautiful blue planet have their own special times for us to take in the beauty and be nourished and blessed making our lives richer.

       For me this seasonal display excites and invigorates the passion to interpret this glorious time, yes my palate overflows with yellows and reds and waning green into brown. The local weather reporters add to the interest by showing us the daily color changes and the best time to see the peak color show.

       If you are on one of those beautiful seasonal tours in Michigan, stop in to some of the magnificent art venues and see how artists are inspired by the profusion of autumn colors. All paintings in this blog are from the Joel F. Ellis art inventory.
Enjoy our special planetary gift,
Hamlin Lake  18x24  oil on linen

       P.S.  If you are in Lansing Michigan this autumn, be sure to check the Michigan Economic Development Commission (MEDC) corridor for a dozen touchable paintings by Joel F. Ellis. We are happy to announce that the show has been extended until the end of the year.  

       Where is the MEDC you ask? – while you are in Lansing Michigan, enjoying the many venues in art and sundries on the Washington Ave. walking mall, walk north toward Lansing Community College. MEDC, 300 N. Washington is on the east side of the street, home to Pure Michigan offices, just walk in 9 to 5 weekdays free to view the live paintings of Joel’s beloved Lake Michigan dunes.
Autumn  12x16  watercolor on paper

        If you have an interest in any Joel F. Ellis paintings that you see out and about or online, please inquire with Joel or Helene (major assistant number 1) at 517-256-3277 or e-mail
Joel F. Ellis