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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Metropolitan Museum of Art, A Collections History

Lascaux Nights, 36x48, by Joel Ellis acrylic on canvas, tribute to ancient artists
The travel to art museums season is fast approaching as summer starts to seep into our thoughts. The wonder of the human spirit looking for and hoping to carry a small bit of beauty with them on life’s journey is with us as we too travel. The small ivory carved female figure dating back thousands of years could have been someone’s traveling treasured art object as they moved through their

precarious times.  At the cave paintings in Lascaux, France, we stand in front of and wonder at their beauty and possible meaning. They could have been a message to us telling of the adventure of the hunt or could it be telling us of the creatures they thought might someday not survive for future people to see. We don’t know for sure, but these towering images could have been their art museum.

We humans are natural collectors. These collections could be “I might need it someday” or “It’s so beautiful I have to have it”. Sometimes these collections were meant to impress and say “look at me, I’m important.” Whatever the reasons, these collections do exist.

The history of sharing with folks like us is truly fascinating. An in-depth history of the development of our art collecting is researched for the book Rogues’ Gallery by Michael Gross. Rogues’ Gallery gives an inside look at the collector and the “what next” after the amassed treasures began to control the collectors’ lives. Here’s where the museums get their treasures. Michael Gross gives the “inside look” at the history of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and huge collections from around the world.

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Happy travels and keep looking for that art piece you just have to own. Who knows, maybe your treasure collection might be in some museums prized exhibition.

Nautilus, 24x24, acrylic on canvas, currently exhibit at
Clark Hill Law Firm - Lansing Michigan