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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Starting Again from a Hard Year

It was a dark and stormy night. … It was the best of times. … It was love at first sight. … whew. … Hard to get started again. Picking up the pieces of art work from where we left off many months ago, and knowing that some things will be forever changed keep us going. We still look for beauty and goodness all around us and hope to nurture that goodness in us all. 

Tranquility 20x24
We still have art shows and moments of inspiration that keep the new paintings coming. A few paintings have reflected the difficult times we all have experienced but for the most part we are able to start again in the paintings to come. We are very happy to be part of an elegant art show for the next few weeks at one of our most beautiful venues, Michigan’s Shiawassee Art Center. Over a dozen of my paintings are on display and online and in the gallery. The online experience is quite easy to use and fun too. 

Follow the link for a virtual tour: Five artists of various genres in the greater Lansing area are presenting at Shiawassee Art Center from March 16 - April 25. Scroll down the fine art works of two or three other artists to see the Joel F. Ellis contribution to the show. Tap on a piece of interest to enlarge and view details of the work. 

Goldenrod Summer 24x30

Wait, wait there’s more – Sunday March 21 is an Open House for both in person or the virtual show from 12 to 4pm. There is a 20% discount for one piece of art purchased during the open house hours. 

AND To watch a brief video interview of Meet the Artist Joel Ellis click the following link: 

This has been a very busy recovery time from the hard last year. We would like to thank Jennifer Ross, staff and volunteers at Shiawassee Art Center for a great job organizing the many parts of this exhibit. Thank you also Honorable & Mrs. Gerald Lostracco for their sponsorship. Finally, much thanks to my colleagues and their inspiring art: 
Autumn Embrace 16x20
Jane Reiter, Rhonda Sherwin, Sheryl Stephens, Pamela Wilburn. 
I hope you enjoy the art as much as I have enjoyed producing it. Joel

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