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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Art of Looking at Art

Joel Ellis painting
How we view visual art comes natural to most of us. Some like the viewing to be warm and cozy realistic scenes with pleasing colors. Others would prefer a more dynamic event like leaning over a cliff to get the perfect camera angle. In a gallery setting there are viewers who stand face on with a painting, hands to face, staring, waiting for the perfect message to arrive.

At the Detroit Institute of Art viewers 
experience the work of Vincent VanGogh
While putting up the most recent show at the Armory, officially known as the Chamber of Commerce in Owosso, Michigan, we had office workers and casual visitors to the building stop and look at the installation in progress. They too were engaging in the art as the look of the large main entrance was changing. For the artist as curator, “putting up” a show means matching sizes, colors, form and frames as well as content of the works. Some of our office visitors were visibly pleased with their transformed environment.

Many people choose to place art objects in the surroundings of their personal spaces. Archeology digs are replete with artifacts that had significant meaning for the viewers of ancient times. They had their reasons of choice as we do. We too adorn our walls with what brings true emotional pleasure. Next time you have the experience of viewing art with other folks, please take a moment to consider what is before you the very expressions and definition of being human. 

Quest 40x30

The Owosso Armory, across the Shiawassee River from one of Michigan’s gems in art - the Shiawassee Art Center - will be displaying the Joel Ellis Art exhibition for a few weeks, possibly into June. As a project of Michigan ArtShare, the exhibit, or parts of, will be transported for showings in other Michigan sites participating in the Urban/Rural Conversation. I am also greatful to have some of my paintings in the beautiful Shiawassee Art Center (SAC), Lansing McLaren Physicians building, and other mid-Michigan community sites through summer. More about Joel Ellis Art will be announced through the year.

Enjoy this new season of original art as artists prepare to show their work. Joel

We Are Stardust 36x36 

Flower Box  24x30

Ocean Sunset  24x30

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